Dorm Decor: Lofting Beds

Schroeder Hall is commonly known for lots of fun times—bonding with friends in extremely cramped rooms. But Destiny Guerrero, a sophomore studying accounting in the College of Business Administration, and her roommate defy the odds through a strategic layout and clever under-the-bed organization.

A typical Schroeder Hall room. Photo by Claire Delman.
A solution to little closet space. Photo by Claire Delman.
Lofted beds in Schroeder Hall. Photo by Claire Delman.

Humphrey Hall recently transitioned from on-campus apartments to dorm rooms, giving sophomores more space than they can imagine. Claire Weber, a sophomore studying international affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences, and her three roommates, take advantage of their spacious dorm with posters, lanterns, and a turquoise Papasan chair.

A spacious living room in Humphrey Hall. Photo by Claire Delman,
Bunk beds in Humphrey Hall. Photo by Claire Delman.
Save counter and cabinet space by hanging mugs. Photo by Claire Delman.

To Loft or Not to Loft

Deciding whether to loft beds is something every college student goes through. Here are some pros and cons to consider when making the one decision you might have to stick with the entire school year.

  • It saves space: I mean duh you live in home-like cubicles.

BUT it can require more effort and time to get out of bed in the morning.

  • It allows for great pillow talk.

BUT it can create awkward tension when you two are in a tiff.

  • It can give you daily exercise—running, jumping, and vaulting on and off your bed.

BUT it can lead to taking a spill while tossing and turning in your sleep one night.

  • It’s an everlasting excuse to never make your bed, seeing as it’s basically impossible to properly make a lofted bed.

BUT without a made bed, you are joining the stereotype of “lazy college students.”




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