Dorm Decor: 4 Tips for Decorating an RA Dorm

From organizing floor bonding activities and having duty until two in the morning, to basically being on on-call 24-7 for your residents, being a Resident Assistant is a daunting task. However, it comes with its perks—free room and board and an entire dorm room to yourself.

Here are some tips from three current RA’s at Marquette. Due to an Office of Residence Life policy that says Resident Assistants cannot take pictures of their rooms if they are to be posted online, there are no visual aides to help. We hope your imagination is flowing. After all, it’s not hard to imagine a room the size of a cardboard box.

  1. Stay organized and buy a bulletin board and calendar to hang on the wall and keep track of all your assignments and extracurricular activities. —Bernadette Heitschmidt (Senior in Cobeen)
  2. Make it homey: fill your walls with pictures of friends and family or posters of your favorite bands and TV shows to personalize your room. —Bernadette Heitschmidt (Senior in Cobeen)
  3. Hang lights with command strips to brighten the room. Tip: buy them after Christmas, they’ll be on clearance! —Timothy LaRose (Sophomore in McCormick)
  4. Buy a cork board and pin ticket stubs to reminisce about your favorite college memories. —Timothy LaRose (Sophomore in McCormick)

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