Faces of MKE: MU Friends

From left to right in this photo:
Kimberly Worden, College of Nursing
Crystal Esparza, College of Nursing
Margaret Kerrigan, College of Nursing
Zoriana Telwak, College of Nursing
Grace Lennon, College of Education
What does it mean to be “artsy?”
MK: I don’t think there’s a certain level of artistic ability or anything. I think anyone can be artistic in any type of way whether it’s like drawing or painting.
CE: I think it’s just a way to express yourself, really. That can make you artsy.
ZT: It’s also thinking outside the box, you know? Everyone has an idea about how society should be or how the world should be, but if you look outside the box, it could be artistic in its own sense.
KW: I definitely think society kinda like has a role in how people view what’s artistic and what’s not. Actually, art is such an individualistic thing that everyone’s definition of art is art.

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