Music Matters

Music allows people to escape into a realm of peace and a simpler existence when life might be too much to handle. A world where nothing else matters but what the artist is saying to you. I’ve learned that music plays a big role in the life of a college student especially when it comes time for exams or if students need to wind down. Music reminds of our relationships with people, where we were at the exact moment we heard the song, and music just makes us appreciate all the feels we get and the stories that are told when you put words to a track. I think music matters to the sanity of college students and has a deeper meaning than just words over a beat.

jasmineJasmine Judon, 21

Junior – College of Arts & Sciences

Favorite song: “Crooked Smile” by J. Cole

“The lyrics are very real and promote positive self-esteem and self-worth. I also have an emotional attachment to the song because it was my favorite song at the time that my godfather passed away. The song reminds me of him.





Damarius Edwards, 21

Senior – College of Business

Favorite song: “B.O.N.” by King Louie

“I really like the beat and the lyrics. The lyrics are pure and flow perfectly.”





Mikeita King, 22

Senior – College of Health Sciences

Favorite song: “Work” by Rihanna

“I think this song is a great representation of culture. It’s really a story of love and lust and many people might not even think about that.



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