Faces of MKE: Devi Shastri


Devi Shastri, journalism and biomedical sciences major and neuroscience minor

 “As a science focused person, art really means balance to me. I think I see art a little differently because I don’t really engage a lot with painting or stuff like that. But I see art in molecules and I see art in life and the human body and how we function. Then I write about it and I think that in itself is manifesting the art I see and sending it out into the world and sharing it with other people. Art to me means life, and that means it’s everywhere, its life and universality. We often think of art as this concrete thing we can engage with, and that is like an outpouring of someones soul, which i guess it is, but I think nature is fundamentally who we are. That means a lot to me, that is our existence. I think art is existence.”


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