Feat Food

Before Marquette business student Andrea Lippolis returned to his native Italy, he left his mark in Milwaukee by building a food enterprise that’s more than worth a taste. Feat Food–a portmanteau of “fit” and “eat” introduces an accessible way for this international student to keep the Mediterranean flavor in his life at Marquette. He searched for an easier alternative than resorting to making pasta “al dente” style in his kitchen each night. Combining health and flavorful food, Lippolis has much to bring to the table.

Tender and seared fish on a bed of fresh veggies and couscous. Photo courtesy of Lippolis.
The 23-year-old Italian exchange student from Rome attended LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome and Polytechnic University in Milan, studies business administration, international management and marketing. His interests and career objectives assisted in his transition to Marquette’s campus and to eventually create his own business.
An avid traveler, Lippolis has journeyed to Rome, Milan and Napoli to experience different foods and food culture. He was not shy about expressing his feelings towards Marquette’s friendliness, hospitality and assistance with starting his business, Feat Food. The Italy-based food delivery service specializes in creating healthy, fresh Mediterranean style meals–think parsley pasta with zucchini, fresh fish and scallops on a bed of crisp greens and vegetable, to name a few. Lippolis firmly believes in  helping people reach their fitness objective in a healthy way. He also does this by cooking and hosting dinner parties in his apartment for Marquette friends to experience the healthy meals and flavors he is passionate about.
Whole wheat pasta made by hand to Prezzemolina carpaccio with marinated blue fish, arugula and cherry tomatoes. Photo courtesy of Lippolis.
Feat Food even accommodate food allergies and special diets. Through the delivery website, twenty different meals per week are available in lunch and dinner. The site allows you to compute your caloric goals for the day based on working out, weight, height and other health concerns. Feat Food’s chefs challenge people to “Live better and feel better,” Lippolis said. He wanted to give people an opportunity to eat freshly prepared meals and change their diet, especially if they cannot cool themselves and want to try Mediterranean cuisine.
Lippolis is thankful for all the support he received from resources here in Milwaukee in order to make his business and experience a success. He also shared that he even makes his own sauce with olive oil, tomatoes and tons of spices to get that taste of home–recipes in Feat Food make it that much easier.

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