Inked: MU Students Talk Tattoos

Additional reporting by Paige Lloyd and Emmy Yates.

What does Marquette think about being inked?

Shawn Frost, Communication Studies

“A lot of women dig guys with tattoos because they give off that bad boy image, but that’s just my perspective.”

Cori Garner, Criminology & Law Studies

“The culture of tattoos is a good way for people to express themselves on their artistic side. It’s people using their body as a canvas versus them doing it on paper. I would never get one because I’m afraid of needles. It’s really childish. Not to mention my parents aren’t really accepting of the tattoo culture.”

Jessika White, Education

“I’ve got a pretty big tattoo on my left shoulder that goes into my back. It’s a tree that’s alive at the top and then it’s dead at the bottom. From the dead roots, there are birds that come out of it and they have varying amounts of shading. It’s my journey of how the foundation of my beliefs had to die in order for me to become who I needed to be.”

Edi Kun, Philosophy

“I have three small tattoos. One on my wrist and one on each foot. So far they’re just words: “Don’t Forget” because I usually just write things on my body to always remember what I’m supposed to do; “Serenity” on one foot and “Forgiven, but never forgotten” on the other because I don’t like to hold grudges. It’s just a phrase that’s always spoke to me.”


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