Live Poets Society

Photo via Live Poets Society Marquette

Marquette’s Live Poets Society group is not just a riff on the beloved 1989 Robin Williams movie “Dead Poets Society” – it is the school’s first spoken word poetry club, officially established in January 2015.

The club came together after its members noticed there were minimal poetry and spoken word opportunities offered to students.

Only a month later, the group held its rest poetry slam, titled “Love of Mine,” with featured performer Jasmine Mans, who has appeared on the HBO program “Brave New Voices” and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mans performed her well-known poem ,“The Miseducation of Barbie,” in which she voices her dislike of Nicki Minaj: “(You da Bestest) / But I know your spine binds and crooked lines/ And you can’t seem to write a rhyme for your broken daughters.”


The members of the tight-knit club are happy that they came together to act like a support system for each other’s creativity.

At the helm of the club are seven executive board members. They, in addition to the rest of the club, perform self-written pieces at the poetry slam events. There have been several of these events since the first one, including December 2015’s “‘Twas the Mic Before Finals.”


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