Cultura is committed to capturing, critiquing, and celebrating art in its myriad of forms both at Marquette University and in the greater city of Milwaukee.

Whether you are an arts enthusiast or a casual observer, we promise there’s something for you. We’ve got the scoop on the best dive bars in the city, and have immersed ourselves in Milwaukee’s burgeoning drag culture. We’ve profiled some ridiculously talented artists at Marquette, and questioned whether a bridge and an angel in a cage can be considered art. We’ve gone salsa and swing dancing in the name of journalism, and waxed philosophically about when art offends and why our culture is fascinated by murder narratives.

We stand on the shoulders of past Cultura staffs, continuing the tradition of highlighting our talented, creative community who paint, cook, write, sketch, film, and photograph art worth talking about. We hope you join us in the conversation.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pamela Hill Nettleton

Managing Editors: Naomi Waxman, Sandra Videmsky

Journalism Magazine Capstone Students: Hannah Byron, Andrew Dawson, Claire Delman, Dewayne Gage, Deny Gallagher, Maddy Kennedy, Matt Kulling, Paige Lloyd, Ben Lockwood, Claire Nowak, Nicki Perry, Teran Powell, Natalie Ragusin, Dan Reiner, Peter Setter, Natalie Wickman, Emmy Yates.

Cultura is published by the students of the JOUR 4997 Senior Magazine Capstone class in the Diederich College of Communication, Johnston Hall, Marquette University, 1131 W. Wisconsin Avenue,  Milwaukee, Wis., 53233.


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