Hannah Byron is a senior at Marquette University studying journalism and digital media. She’s from the “Pawnee” of Minnesota and has the accent to prove it. She’s an old soul who is single handedly keeping the postal service alive in this crazy digital world we live in. When Hannah isn’t writing stories or editing videos, she will most likely still have her eyeballs glued to a screen for episodes of The Walking Dead or anything on BBC. Don’t bring up Downton Abbey though, she’s still not over it.


Andrew Dawson is from the Washington, D.C. area (the Maryland side aka better than Virginia). He has been running from home since he decided to run cross country in high school. Although he has only run one marathon, he found his way to Milwaukee for college and his love of grilled cheese. His career goals include obtaining a job where he doesn’t have to wear pants and having someone pay for him to type on a computer.


Claire Delman‘s two favorite things are sports and the great outdoors. During her college summers, she’s run away to go work at a camp in Washington state that has dial-up Internet and no cellphone reception—one might say it’s a rustic place. She plans on becoming a middle school teacher, and accepts any sympathy you may have for her.


Dewayne Gage is a Chicago “Southsider” to the core. A fan of deep dish pizza, the White Sox, and Mr. West. The love for art inspired his aspirations to work for a magazine. If you’re talking music and sports, we could talk all day.

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Deny Gallagher Senior Journalism major with a Digital Media minor at Marquette University. During his college experience he’s worked for ESPN Milwaukee and SiriusXM. In addition, he has written for Empire of and Marquette


Maddy Kennedy is a senior in the biz college studying marketing and journalism. As a member of the Cultura team, Maddy specializes in projects involving books and drinking. She also dabbles in graphic design. Maddy enjoys piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and struggles with describing herself creatively in less than 50 words.



Matt Kulling is a senior journalism and political science major from the Chicagoland area, just like everyone else who goes to Marquette. In his free time, Matt enjoys cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams, playing video games and clicking “random article” on Wikipedia for hours on end.

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Paige Lloyd is a junior studying journalism and digital media at Marquette University. She loves rambling about music and her love of Milwaukee. She spends her spare time whipping up sassy reviews about concerts, playing Ultimate Frisbee and biking along Milwaukee’s lakefront. She continually practices her weave-and-bob as she attempts to avoid the million seagulls that line the pathways.


Ben Lockwood enjoys dancing to The Smiths and visiting his Puerto Rican grandmother. His hobbies include knitting scarves and reading Game of Thrones fan fiction. He hopes to attend any law school in the fall that will accept him.


Claire Nowak laughs nearly as much as she talks and spends the rest of her time writing. Hailing from Sussex, Wis., this small town girl became an uptown girl last summer, when she interned at Reader’s Digest in New York City. Now a freelancer for, she longs for the days when she could run along the East River and eat Shake Shack religiously. She also loves Lit Choir (#litchoirlove) and singing the Hamilton soundtrack to anyone who will listen.


Nicki Perry is a writer temporarily based in Milwaukee. She has an affinity for cat eye makeup, list making and Panda Express. If you don’t love 30 Rock, then we can’t be friends. Writer. Professional People Watcher. Dog Aficionado.

Teran Powell

Teran Powell. Introvert. Extrovert. Sarcastic. Music Junkie. Netflix binge watcher. Slight hypochondriac. Typically, she likes to keep it simple, but there’s so much more to her. Born and bred on the South Side of Chicago, you can take the girl out the city, but you can’t take the city out the girl.

IMG_5569Natalie Ragusin is a senior journalism major with an anthropology minor. She enjoys all things punk rock, vintage, and anything History Channel.  Natalie is in the all female a cappella group, The Meladies, and partakes in dance classes and makeup artistry back home in the Chicago area. Her goal is to become more fluent in Italian and have a quaint lunch with Davey Havok from AFI to relive her childhood scene/emo days.


Dan Reiner  listens to indie rap, plays the harmonica, and is a huge New York sports fan (but not the annoying kind). You can’t expect normalcy from a guy who moved from the Big Apple to Milwaukee. He likes drinking local beers, paying half price for sushi on Mondays at Screaming Tuna, and taking long runs along the lakefront … don’t worry, he doesn’t do all three simultaneously.



Peter Setter is a senior studying journalism and political science. He is attending nursing school after graduation, and yes, he already knows that’s quite the career change. He’s currently working his way through all 30 seasons of every Star Trek television series, and enjoys the not-so-guilty pleasures of reading Marvel comic books, watching Vanderpump Rules on Bravo, and jamming out to One Direction (RIP).


20160208_165500Sandra Videmsky is an aspiring writer living a life of wordsmithery. Former contributor for the Monterey County Weekly paper. Current Colectivo Coffee denizen, enthusiast of the little things, makeup junkie, and bird nerd. Did a one-time stint at a biologist in the Arkansas swamp and never recovered. Always in search of the perfect tea blend. Just trying to keep it classy.

Natalie in Natural Light

Natalie Wickman is a news lady who loves meeting people and telling their stories. She’s been in journalism for four-and-a-half years and will work at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review after graduation. She splits her time between doing news editor things for Marquette Wire student media, getting excited for the Gilmore Girls revival, crafting, reading, visiting new places and planning out how many cats she’ll have in the future. Before she dies, she plans to read everything written by Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket.


When Emmy Yates isn’t writing local stories, being a student or building bicycles for the community, you would most likely find her dodging public transit as she rides her bike through the traffic of MKE. Emmy loves to people watch, take photographs, coffee shop hop, dress in black clothing, and resist her mother’s affection.


Naomi Waxman is a freelance writer, editor and graduate student focusing on the city of Milwaukee, politics, media, LGBTQ issues, culture and travel. She has published work with the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and “My Son Wears Heels,” a blog and forthcoming book about gender creative children. Naomi’s idea of a perfect day is eating ramen and talking about the sociocultural implications of “The X-Files.”